A novel way to communicate a complex idea for a startup with global scope – write the novel!

Communicating a new idea for a business startup is not an easy task. A carefully crafted 60-second “elevator pitch” is the necessary “headline” to create some initial excitement and attract some attention.

But then comes the problem of explaining the complexities of how the business might work to potential stakeholders who may have little background knowledge of the industry – especially if the industry is somewhat hidden and obscure to most. How to present the essential ideas so they can be quickly grasped?

This is what we did – we wrote a story…

It’s a story about a business in the language services world which generates cash 24 hours a day as it follows the sun around the globe. The plot unfolds, hour by hour, as morning dawns in each new city – from Melbourne to Bangkok and Beijing, from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt, London, New York, São Paulo and Tahiti – ending as the sun sets at the very edge of the world in Wellington, New Zealand.

The story has characters, drama and a plot. There’s the thrill of the chase as competitors vie for competitive advantage across continents, languages, currencies and time zones. The elation of success and the bitter disappointment of loss. In the course of a day, Kazuo in Tokyo forms an unlikely but strong relationship with Yael in Tel Aviv – and their working lives are forever changed.

The often solitary, intellectual world of the humble translator never sounded so exciting!

If you’d like to read the story – it’s here.  It’ s not a novel – but it is a short story.

PS – Did it work? All the original readers signed up and invested in the company. So might you…

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