OpenBorder begins looking for early translation testers

OpenBorder Ltd is seeking providers and buyers of language services to participate in the initial testing of its translation marketplace platform.

OpenBorder is an online, B2B marketplace for the global translation industry. Buyers and providers of professional translation services transact business anywhere in the world through a multi-lingual web interface. Participants interact in real time in their own language and currency.

Translation providers compete on more than just price and capitalize on strengths such as earlier delivery, specified quality standards and verified subject expertise. OpenBorder helps providers find new, profitable customers – globally. It ensures that translators can interact safely with new customers anywhere in the world with the certainty that they are paid their asking price within days of completing the work in their preferred currency.

Buyers will be able to find professional translation services anywhere in the world that can meet their exact requirements. OpenBorder is actively seeking both LSPs, independent translators and buyers to test, critique and develop the platform.

Here’s how it works:

  • Translation buyers upload their files and post their translation requirements to OpenBorder’s online, multilingual platform;
  • Registered translators can view all available work and download the customer’s files if they are interested in bidding for the work;
  • Translators bid across a number of standardised factors – price, delivery time, different levels of quality assurance, relevant subject expertise, feedback from previous customers, etc. Translators win work on merit – not on price alone;
  • OpenBorder provides buyers with a mechanism to make sensible purchasing decisions. It allows them to weigh up factors such as price against delivery timeframes, warranties on quality assurance, expertise or providers’ online reputation etc. Buyers select providers who offer a combination of factors which best match their needs.
  • Customers must deposit the translator’s full price into a special escrow account (held on trust in the translator’s preferred currency) before the translator commences work on the project;
  • All work is subject to a formal agreement which clearly details the expectations of both the buyer and the translator;
  • After delivery of the work, the translator’s full price is paid out in the agreed currency (usually within 7 days of delivery).
  • The platform offers an innovative dispute resolution system which ensures that problems are solved quickly on the basis of a clear agreement made before any work commences.

OpenBorder’s system helps translators compete on the global market and win work on merit (via their online reputation, their experience and subject expertise, their ability to deliver on time and the level of quality assurance they can deliver) – not just on price alone.

OpenBorder has been designed to help translators leverage their unique skills over the global market and to find new customers who require their specific expertise and who are willing to pay their asking price.

So, what’s the deal?

OpenBorder is currently building it’s online platform and is looking for translation buyers and providers (both companies and independent translators) to help test, critique and develop the site. If you are interested in being involved, OpenBorder can provide you with a lot of value in return:

  • Your input and feedback will help shape OpenBorder and make it respond to your real needs;
  • Early providers will win work from the early buyers who will be also be helping shape the platform to meet their particular needs;
  • Early providers will have the opportunity to build a professional reputation as reliable providers (based on customer feedback) which will put them in a strong position to attract new customers via OpenBorder’s platform once it is fully functional;
  • Since OpenBorder will be a multi-lingual site, OpenBorder itself will be amongst the first paying translation buyers as the platform is localised.

We invite you to go to and pre-register as a potential user. Please note, that OpenBorder is not yet trading, and you will be under no obligation of any kind to OpenBorder.

In the near future, OpenBorder will explain how the platform works in greater detail, and the benefits you can expect if you wish to participate.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form to register as a tester. You will find a Contact Us email link to report anything that goes wrong, or if you have any criticisms or comments to make. We will certainly appreciate any feedback you provide.

To register as an early user/tester, please go to: and click the “Provider” or the “Buyer” button as applicable.

PS Translation providers will need to be a member of a local or international professional translation body to register on OpenBorder. This information will be used to verify translators’ bona fides as professionals in the industry.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in finding out more about how OpenBorder plans to work you are welcome to read the following articles:

1 The economic philosophy behind OpenBorder – how it utilises a “win-win” approach to give translators accesses to more profitable customers and which helps customers find the sort of providers they really need:

2 The “story” of how OpenBorder will work globally: This is a fictionalised story of how OpenBorder will work over a 24 hour period – and the role you might like to play in it: [Downloadable pdf – 8,000 words]

3 Brief summary of the OpenBorder idea:

4 How OpenBorder helps LSPs communicate their reliability to potential customers: “Would the translation buyer be willing to pay more if you offered to commit Harakiri?”

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  3. It will be truethat Translation services are contributing immensely to the global village.

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