This blog is devoted to questions relating to the globalization of the translation industry itself – not just for the big players, but for the small and mid-sized players too. The internet offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to trade globally – but this requires overcoming a number of important obstacles – in particular those imposed by the use of different languages and different currencies. Mechanisms for easy and safe cross-border trading such as guaranteed payments and reliable money transfers are essential components.

Access to the global economy offers new opportunities for increasing profitability by finding customers in a larger market who are willing to pay more for an LSP’s unique offerings.

While translation companies play a key role in globalisation of economic activity, by and large they themselves remain local players. This blog pays particular attention to the ideas behind OpenBorder.com: an economic model based on John Nash’s win-win theory which helps both buyers and providers meet their real needs.

OpenBorder.com is an online, business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for the global translation industry. Buyers and providers of professional translation services will do business anywhere in the world through a multilingual web interface. Customers will be able to safely transact cross-border business around the clock via a multi-factor auction and escrow payment system and participants will interact in real-time in their own language and currency.

This is a personal blog. The views expressed here are mine alone and may not reflect those of organisations or companies I am involved with.

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