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Does the global banking system disadvantage translators? Can we fix it?

Is someone taking an unjustified cut from the payments you receive from your local or foreign customers? Do you always receive the full amount you are owed when you are paid? Or is a proportion of your income disappearing into bank … Continue reading

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Can crowdsourcing coexist comfortably with professional translation? Or is it a threat? #xl8

In a previous post I suggested that the share of the global translation pie available to professional translators is not shrinking in favour of machines or crowdsourced amateurs,  but rather the whole pie is expanding – potentially to everyone’s ultimate benefit. As … Continue reading

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The end of linguistic diversity? Or a bonanza of new opportunities for translators?

In 2004, I remember picking up a magazine from a street kiosk in Milan because it had an article which predicted that within 10 years or so, Italians would be speaking English at work and the local language would only be … Continue reading

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