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Nice or nasty? Which translators finish first?

In a previous post, I looked at a phenomenon known as the Prisoner’s Dilemma. In the translation industry this is where competitors cannot resist the temptation to win more work by undercutting each other on price. Simple mathematics shows that they … Continue reading

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Collusion and betrayal in the translation industry—which do you choose?

Are translation industry players locked into a self-defeating paradigm where they end up taking actions which are against their own best economic interests? In this post, I look at the translation industry in terms of a prisoner’s dilemma—the canonical example … Continue reading

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“Liar, liar! Pants on fire!” Who can afford to tell the truth about translation quality… and who can’t?

When everyone else is shouting that they deliver “quality”, is there some trick translators can use to get paid more for doing a better job? Is there some realistic way for customers to figure out if you are telling the … Continue reading

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The price of translation – why is it like buying a second-hand car? #xl8

What comes to mind when you think about used car salesmen? The words “sleazy”, “disreputable”, “untrustworthy” or “con man” perhaps? Of course, this assessment may be totally unfair to used car salesmen… But the market for translation has many similarities … Continue reading

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Are bad translators driving out the good?

Many of us have a sense of unease from what seem like conflicting signals from the translation marketplace. On the one hand, the demand for translation appears to be increasing worldwide, but on the other, prices appear to be dropping … Continue reading

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Donnie and Trixie have a serious talk about translation quality.

Donnie: Hey, Trixie! Y’know what the trouble with the translation industry is today? It’s those bottom feeders who are just ruining it for everyone. Trixie: Why’s that Donnie? Donnie: They’re a bunch of amateurs who can’t compete on merit. They … Continue reading

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Is “quality” dead? Or can translators twist it creatively to find better paying customers?

You’d be hard pressed to find a translation provider who didn’t shout from the rooftops that they produce translations to the highest possible level of quality. How about “We guarantee to deliver your work to a quality standard third from … Continue reading

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Strategies for translation providers in an uncertain world… a survival guide.

Sometimes, how we translators run our professional lives and operate our businesses seem to be under threat. Human translators, although usually sceptical, cannot avoid observing the growing influence of machine translation and perhaps wondering how long will it be before a piece … Continue reading

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Is OpenBorder just another translation job board – or will it offer something fundamentally more valuable?

Bridging the gap What is OpenBorder? Is it just another translation job board trying to catch a middleman’s fee for putting buyers and sellers together? Or does it offer something tantalizingly different? Online translation marketplaces and job boards have been … Continue reading

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OpenBorder begins looking for early translation testers

OpenBorder Ltd is seeking providers and buyers of language services to participate in the initial testing of its translation marketplace platform. OpenBorder is an online, B2B marketplace for the global translation industry. Buyers and providers of professional translation services transact business … Continue reading

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