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The headache and heartache of paying translators. How LSPs feel about cross-border payments.

Paying and getting paid – it’s a pretty touchy subject. Few of us are immune from strong feelings on the subject. In a previous post, I looked at what freelance translators felt were the main frustrations of getting paid across different … Continue reading

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Strategies for translation providers in an uncertain world… a survival guide.

Sometimes, how we translators run our professional lives and operate our businesses seem to be under threat. Human translators, although usually sceptical, cannot avoid observing the growing influence of machine translation and perhaps wondering how long will it be before a piece … Continue reading

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Is OpenBorder just another translation job board – or will it offer something fundamentally more valuable?

Bridging the gap What is OpenBorder? Is it just another translation job board trying to catch a middleman’s fee for putting buyers and sellers together? Or does it offer something tantalizingly different? Online translation marketplaces and job boards have been … Continue reading

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Squeezing a translation that’s too long into a space that’s too small – a cheat sheet for beginners

So you’ve overtyped the original Word document, but your translation is longer than the original text – and it won’t fit neatly into the available space. What can you do? The most common trick is to drop the point size until the translation … Continue reading

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Real-time, cross-border trading for the language services industry

Language service providers (LSPs) are the hidden facilitators of globalization, but their own businesses are typically still locally based. The industry is a fast growing one and it is expected be worth $38 billion by 2013. Great rewards await those LSPs … Continue reading

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