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Collusion and betrayal in the translation industry—which do you choose?

Are translation industry players locked into a self-defeating paradigm where they end up taking actions which are against their own best economic interests? In this post, I look at the translation industry in terms of a prisoner’s dilemma—the canonical example … Continue reading

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Is OpenBorder just another translation job board – or will it offer something fundamentally more valuable?

Bridging the gap What is OpenBorder? Is it just another translation job board trying to catch a middleman’s fee for putting buyers and sellers together? Or does it offer something tantalizingly different? Online translation marketplaces and job boards have been … Continue reading

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Would the translation buyer be willing to pay more if you offered to commit harakiri?

Not many seem to have tried the idea. So… possibly not. But agreed financial penalties for poor performance (such as money back guarantees) have long been part of the stock-in-trade of modern commerce – although perhaps not common in the language services business. Financial … Continue reading

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An auction for translation services? You must be joking!

Would language service providers be eager to compete for work in an online auction? “Not likely!” might be the expected response. Unless… Certainly some big language providers have been lured into competing in reverse auctions. In 2005 Common Sense Advisory … Continue reading

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