The OpenBorder story

A translation business which follows the sun…

This is the story of a single day in the life of a company whose business spans the globe. At any moment it is 9:00 am somewhere on the planet, and a new set of OpenBorder’s customers arrives at work.  We follow the sun around the globe across some twenty cities, tracking the interplay of OpenBorder’s customers buying and selling language services in the global marketplace – across national borders, different languages, currencies and time zones.

We watch how a novel economic model makes global trading possible, even for small and medium-sized firms. We see how buyers can leverage the liquidity of the global market to locate suppliers who can deliver exactly the sort of business services which match their real needs.

Providers, however large or small, discover how they can extend their market reach to the whole planet, and find new customers who need precisely the sort of specialised service they are able to deliver. Suppliers play to their strengths. Buyers get just what they need. Win-win.

Click here for OpenBorder’s “Vision” story (pdf).

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